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The company is a R & D manufacturer integrating scientific research and development, design and manufacturing, system integration and installation services. With the brand-new business philosophy and employment system, the company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation and development, pays attention to personnel training and introduction, and strives to create a cohesive team with continuous innovation, never satisfied, brave to climb and good at learning. The enterprise culture concept and practice of "the same road, the same heart, the same strength, and the same emotion" make the company stand at the high end of electrical automation products and technology in the coal equipment industry, and always lead the continuous development of the industry.

Business philosophy of the company:

Be refined and strong, and develop continuously;

Independent innovation, leading the industry;

People oriented, team win;

Safety and efficiency, customer first.

Company vision:

Build a global leader in mine automation industry;

Company guidelines:

Innovation, unremitting pursuit, leading, forever pace;

Corporate values:

Users first, integrity, dedication, innovation,

efficient and excellent implementation;


For the coal industry to achieve safety,

efficiency, energy saving,

environmental protection,

to provide high-quality automation equipment and services;



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