With the R & D concept of "innovation, unremitting pursuit; leading; forever pace", the company leads the R & D team to challenge the status quo, break through self, dare to innovate, and support the company's long-term healthy and sustainable development with fine work and excellent performance.

       The company has established "Jiangsu company technology center" and "Jiangsu intelligent coal mine power supply system key equipment integration engineering technology research center", gathered a group of high-quality young and medium-aged technical experts and talents, with rich R & D experience and good professionalism, and has strong scientific and Technological Development and innovation ability in the field of underground power supply and distribution control technology in coal mine. Since 2003, the company has applied for 132 patents, including 41 invention patents, 76 utility model patents, 6 appearance patents and 3 software copyrights. The promotion and transformation of these technical achievements have a far-reaching impact on improving the efficiency and safety of the coal industry. At present, the company's products cover: coal mining face distribution system (including 12 subsystems), mine power supply and distribution, power electronics, mine monitoring and automation, mine communication and other fields.

       All along, the company attaches great importance to R & D, which is regarded as the lifeline of enterprise development. The annual investment is also increasing year by year, reaching 10.8% (annual output value) in 2019.

The company has an independent R & D building of 5000 square meters, (2.5MW motor driving platform, which can meet the performance test and research function verification of frequency converter and switch products with voltage level of 3300v and below) and high-voltage detection center (which can simulate the short-circuit fault current of 6ka power grid; it can simulate the short-circuit fault current of 6ka power grid; it can be used to test the performance of frequency converters and switch products with voltage level of 3300v and below) and high-voltage KV power supply and distribution products can be tested for protection, mechanical characteristics and insulation level; static pressure test can be carried out for large volume explosion-proof enclosure). It ensures the collection of relevant data and the test of product performance in the process of product development, and ensures the quality of research and development products.    

It has various test and testing equipment:

500kW test bench

Three phase asynchronous motor

SKS jamming simulator

Calibration device of multi working energy three phase electric measuring instrument

Agilent oscilloscope

Three phase transformer

Dry type transformer

Pintech differential probe

Gas aging cabinet

Torque speed sensor

Pintech current probe

Pressure calibrator

Humidity Chamber

Hydraulic test equipment

It has perfect and high performance laboratory:

Simulated industrial and mining Laboratory

High and low temperature laboratory

Joint commissioning Laboratory

Software testing laboratory

Motor Drive Laboratory

Sound insulation Laboratory

Communication Laboratory

EMC lab