GUD18 Mine based position and inclination sensor


Strong housing, good sealing performance, can be used in harsh industrial environment;

Sensitive, reliable, easy to install;

Enclosure protection class: IP65.


It can be used to test the distance data of the object and the attitude data of

the sensor itself, and send the data to the host or controller via RS485 signal.


Rated operating voltage:DC 12V;

Working current:≤0.100A;

Measuring Angle range:X-axis direction: -90° ~ 90°, Y-axis direction: -90° ~ 90°;

Measurement Angle accuracy:0.7°;

Measure the level range:0.25m~7m;

Measuring potential error:When 25cm~1m, the error is ≤5mm; When 1m~6m, the error ≤7mm; When 6m~7m, error ≤9mm;Apply to white wall;

Transport interface:

A) number of routes: 1;

B) transmission mode: master-slave formula, half duplex, RS485;

C) transmission rate: 115.2 KBPS;

D) maximum transmission distance: 50m(using MKVVRP cable, core cross-sectional area not less

than 0.5mm2);

E) peak and peak value of signal working voltage: 2V ~ 12V;

Function:The sensor can convert the measured object position and its own inclination value into RS485

signal transmission.