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Art Products

Celebrate world peace & spiritual life with inspiring art & clothing!  Encourage harmony with Interfaith, multicultural prayer flags and banners, designed by Amara

  • Peace Flags
  • Interfaith Prayer Flags
  • Goddess Banners
  • Goddess Clothing
  • Ceremonial capes
  • CDs and Books
  • Window Stickers

Books and CDs

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  • "thank you so much for all your tremendous experience, insight, wisdom, caring, love, compassion, patience, reassurance, walking so consistently in and through your life, and joy..."
  • "Amara was my first Re-Evaluation (R.C.) counselor who went on to develop her own form of peer counseling called Wholistic Peer Support . I studied with her in 1995-1997 and with..."
    Teri Ciacchi
    Student, teacher, counselor

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